Sociedad Bastiat

lunes, noviembre 19, 2007

Amerikan foreign policy

Amerikan (really the Council on Foreign Relations') Foreign Policy:
The New World Order/Globalization Thrills Continue
Although most truly anti-Marxist Cuban-Americans were thrilled when
a short while ago President Bush gave a speech in Miami in which he
strongly criticized the Castro-Brothers' regime, there are truly alarming
indications that the supposedly conservative administration of George W.
Bush is apparently totally ignoring the rapid rise of Castro-Marxist allies
to the helm of several governments in Latin America. The fact is that
what is going on at this time, and during the past few years, constitutes
another one of the really weird attitudes and actions (or the lack of them),
which have become standard in the George W. Bush presidential period.
We carry out an-all-out-war against Iraq, with the false (i.e: lie) excuse
that they were involved in the 9/11 terrorist attack on America, and then
add to the argument that Saddam Hussein was a tyrant (which he was),
and that it is our duty to demand a "democratic" system in that country,
which is I don't know how many thousands of miles from America.
Intriguingly, "back at the ranch," or just 90 miles from it to be exact, the
official policy of the U.S. Government is to express concern about AN
INTERNAL revolt in Cuba that would result in a CHANGE OF THE
ABSURD AND TYRANNICAL SYSTEM, and we instead declare that we
want a Peaceful TRANSITION.
Don't forget, anything and everything that the top members (those
who truly control that internationalist elitist organization) of the
Council on Foreign Relations want. Weird ideas and concepts that
some of the members of the Council have, and obviously those brats
who in the past belonged to another weird elitist college "fraternity,"
the Skull & Bones. Is this a cruel joke on the American people or
what? All the attention on the "Muslim Problem," while the Western
Hemisphere ALLIES OF IRAN, the members of Castro and Chavez'
rising Marxist empire, the so-called Movimiento Bolivariano rapidly
takes over Latin America? Endless years of struggling against
Marxism in Latin America, hundreds of thousands of men and
women who have died fighting the dastardly guerrillas and terrorist
groups supported by Castro, and the billions of dollars that have
been spent FOR WHAT? Top it off with massive illegal migrations
to the United States and Europe, and what do we have: The total
destruction (make no mistakes) of America and Western Civilization,
that's all. Lord, "they" are so intelligent, so bright!
And, oh yes, of course, meanwhile, Castro, the supposed enemy
of the United States who has excellent friends in the Council on
Foreign Relations, has already started what might be the last flight
of Latin American capitals to American banks. Wow, what a grand
farse, what a production.
Oswaldo F. Hernandez-Campos
Asheville, North Carolina