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lunes, agosto 10, 2009

Zelaya expulsado de México

Subject: Fwd:/Pro-Castro & Pro-Chavez former......

......President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, constitutionally and
legally deposed by the Congress and the Supreme Court of that
Central American nation, was ordered by Mexican President,
Felipe Calderon, to immediately leave Mexico. A Mexican
Presidential Detachment of 50 men escorted Zelaya to the
Presidential Hangar, where he was put in an airplane that
would take him back to Nicaragua, where he had arrived from.

Zelaya had given a speech at Mexico City's main theater,
where he made statements that President Calderon considered
offensive and conductive to open revolt in Mexico. Many
members of Mexico's Congress also thought that Zelaya's
statements were totally inappropriate and showed a very high
level of ingratitude towards a country (Mexico) that had invited
him to visit it.

Calderon ordered that Zelaya not be allowed to speak to
any member of the media while still in Mexico. Zelaya tried,
but to no avail. Of course, we can expect that once in the
land of also pro-Marxist and pro-Chavez Daniel Ortega, who
is president of that nation at the present time, he will
be making propagandist false statements. It's typical, and
should be expected.

It seems that speaking too much is a common habit of all
these new Latin American Communists, who are just trying
to imitate Fidel Castro in his anti-American tirades. I believe
though that they lack the intelligence and the character and
personality of the Cuban leader who has truly managed to
totally destroy Cuba during his 50-year brutal dictatorship.
To follow that "model," there has to be something weird in
your mental process, something that certainly inhibits a full
development of an individuals intelligence.

Oswaldo F. Hernandez-Campos
Asheville, North Carolina

Monday, August 9, 2009