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miércoles, agosto 23, 2006

The Caracas-Tehran Alliance

Diario Las Americas
Publicado el 08-23-2006

It is difficult – though not impossible—within the relativity of the circumstances to go beyond what has been done by Venezuelan ruler Hugo Chávez in his aggressions against the democratic world, establishing alliances with the enemies of this world, especially of the United States of America. In his constant international travels, Chávez has strengthened to the maximum the alliance of Caracas with Tehran and also with Damascus. Right now he is in China on a new tour that includes visits to Malaysia and Angola.
With any excuse, Chávez goes on extremely violent tirades against the United States of America, thus clearly indicating that what he has been doing is not only about oil but also about political alliances that eventually –sooner or later—could become military alliances. There is also a business alliance with Iran that goes beyond reasonable limits, with Iranian tractor and automobile manufacturers already operating in facilities around Caracas. All this consolidates extraordinary bonds that go beyond what is dangerous and threatening for the Western world and, especially, for inter-American solidarity and security.
It is significant that while in Tehran last month to receive a high Iranian decoration, the Venezuelan ruler – who controls all public power in his country – said, “We stand by Iran at every moment, in any situation.” And Venezuela, Syria and Cuba were the only countries to oppose referring Iran to the U.N. Security Council at a meeting last February of the International Atomic Energy Agency.
Although the Bush Administration has appointed a high official who is an expert on intelligence to oversee intelligence-gathering operations on Venezuela and Cuba, many doubt that there is a full awareness of the danger in the United States and that all the necessary measures will ever be taken to avoid the consequences of these threatening and dangerous political, military and economic alliances of Venezuela with all the enemies of the United States of America.