Sociedad Bastiat

martes, junio 21, 2005

The Deceptive Left

Sociedad Bastiat
Many of the judges, legislators and educators of America (the USA) have become the enemy within, the very domestic enemy against whom our officials, government employees, and military are sworn to defend the United States Constitution, and against whom they should defend American ideals of justice.

The left have erroneously represented solidarity, justice, and virtue as socialist values and qualities, pushing for the abolishment of capitalism on the grounds that it facilitates the enslavement and abuse all but the upper economic strata of society. While this upper strata does enjoy an excessive power, and does perpetuate certain abusive practices around the globe, socialism has been responsible for more killings than any other ideology, and knows not how to manage the businesses it claims belongs in the hands of the state.

Of the American left, almost 60 are United States Congressmen, too many of whom sympathize with tyrants masquerading as socialists, such as Fidel Castro, who runs Cuba as a totalitarian police state, in which most of the population are almost-starving, browbeaten slaves of Castro. Castro is the hero of the American left, the men and women who want to bring you justice and virtue in the name of socialism. Castro has turned Cuba into a prison, and would help your congressmen do the same to America.

The memory of those who wrote the official perspectives of the socialist parties seems to have overlooked these facts; as well as the fact that solidarity, virtue, and justice existed long before Karl Marx.

The left seem content to insist on a fairytale ideology that they claim will magically instill these qualities in its adherents on some unspecified future day, perhaps once they have finished killing off the last business owner; while lacking any past or present example of such a utopian society as they envisage.

The left officially blames capitalism for the perpetuation of racism, sexism, and other illegal forms of discrimination, on capitalism, ignoring the perpetual existence of these curses in pseudosocialist socieities, and failing to recognize the source of them in the hearts of men.

The left have preached what they cannot define: how "radical democracy" will actually benefit society. What is radical democracy, if not the inclusion in the administrative and legislative processes of those who are unprepared to participate meaningfully in them for the benefit of society? Do we want greater participation of citizens in the political processes? Yes. Do we want the participation of the uneducated, or of criminals, addicts, abusers, anarchists, enemies of society and their supporters? Never. We already have too many of these in elected office.

No one can deny that capatalist industry produces as much useless garbage and harmful products as the good it produces. The socialist claim that too much power lies in the hands of capatalists is true. Capatalists often want too much. There is a reasonable limit to what anyone may aspire. When the arable land of a nation is used to produce an industry's raw materials, while the people of the same nation starve from lack of basic foods, that industry has become too powerful. And when socialists become too powerful, similar abuses take place, and worse.

Capitalism should no more rule the world than should socialism, but capitalists often can be bargained with, while socialists cannot be trusted. (Was it not Lenin who preached that any means were justified, including deception, to bring the success of socialism?)

Socialists are dedicated to the demise of freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution, as outlined in their declarations of principles. American society needs reforms, but not the perverted suggestions of those who serve the cause of totalitarianism; not the degraded deceptions of those whose unveiled demogoguery means to alienate peoples who should be allied in the cause of justice.

David L. Rosenthal
June 20, 2005